Shizuoka Seigyo Co., Ltd.

15+ Years of Experience

Factory Automation Electronic Equipment Company

We find what you need quickly, including obsolete spare parts!

When you are having a trouble to procure your devices and equipment, Shizuoka Seigyo Co.,Ltd. is one solution to meet your demand and expectation. We promise that we will be sincerely and kindly at your service and make efforts to support you as a trading company.

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We provide original parts and keep under control the complete traceability of the supply chain, ensuring the reliability and continuity of the furnishing operations.

With our experience, we are able to provide numerous and also custom parts, to help you plan the routine replacement of parts subject to wear, managing the entire lifecycle of spare parts.

With our internal organization, we can guarantee short delivery times and competitive prices even for special or customized components.

We follow the directives of our customers who need high quality original spare parts and components with technical characteristics identical to their requests.